Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh my freaking god you guys, as if this pregnancy hasn't been crazy enough, now I'm probably developing pre-eclampsia! My BP today was sky high and apparently it's been creeping up over the last few weeks but today it was over the threshold for being considered too high. I forget the exact number but my top number was 60 points higher than my usual non-pregnant BP. I was either +2 or +3 on protein in my urine and I gained 6 lbs in a week. I felt like crap all day today and couldn't really pinpoint it to one thing, I had a bad headache and felt dizzy and nauseated but I just chalked it up to overdoing it yesterday walking around the mall. Anyway so if I wasn't already scheduled to go in on Sunday I'd be going in tonight. But I really want to wait for my doctor to come back so Sunday is still the day. The trade off is that I am on strict orders to do absolutely nothing. Sitting or laying down only. Kick counts, 96 ounces of water a day, low sodium, only getting up to pee, the whole nine yards. Seriously crazy!

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